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Region One. North American Format. (Will play in the US and Canada)

J.T. 1969 Kevin Hooks Christmas TV Movie on DVD

DVD Synopsis and information: This CBS Made For TV Christmas Classic tells the story of a shy, sullen young African American boy J.T. Gamble, played by Kevin Hooks, who's home is in the ghetto and how he has a special connection to the world through an ill cat that he cares for in an abandoned building nearby. Christmas is coming soon and J.T. loses his radio and then he's pursued by two young hoods from the abandoned building. There he witnesses his special cat hit by a car. J.T. becomes grief stricken at the loss of his cat and his visiting grandmother tries to console him the best she can.

Closer to Christmas, J.T. DVD world is changed considerably when the local grocer gives him a kitten and a chance at a fresh beginning. This holiday story will brighten up the saddest of days and the chilliest hearts. Hooks gives a magnificent performance and really tugs at your heart strings throughout the movie. A fantastic drama of a kid in the ghetto with a tough life and big heart. This film Original as aired as a Made For TV movie by CBS in 1969. JT DVD 1969 is a very emotional and lovely Holiday themed Made For TV movie. J.T. DVD 1969 shows Hooks in an outstanding performance as a young African American actor.

Actors: Kevin Hooks (J.T. Gamble), Ja'net DuBois (Rodeen Gamble) Runtime: 51 minutes

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